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YK-11 Powder Quick Details:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
CAS: 1370003-76-1
Molar Mass: 430.534 g/mol
Chemical Formula: C25H34O6
Synonyms: YK11, YK-11
Storage: Room temperature in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dry area.
Solubility: Propylene Glycol, DMSO, Ethanol
Organoleptic Profile: White fine powder
Physical Form: Solid, powder.
Usage: YK-11 is one of the most popular SARMS on the market. YK 11 provides the most rapid increase in muscle mass retaining effects even after usage. YK-11 is a myostatin blocker, which acts as an anti-catabolic compound.

YK-11 Powder Description:
YK-11 is a synthetic, steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It is a gene-selective partial agonist of the androgen receptor (AR) and does not induce the physical interaction between the NTD/AF1 and LBD/AF2 (known as the N/C interaction), which is required for full transactivation of the AR. The drug has anabolic activity in vitro in C2C12 myoblasts and shows greater potency than dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in this regard.

The Benefits of YK-11
1.Intensive growth of muscle mass without a rollback phenomenon;
2.fat burning;
3.preventing the loss of muscle mass during weight loss and drying;
4.improvement of individual power and speed parameters;
5.increase endurance;
6.biochemical and physiological preventing neuronal damage;
7.improvement of blood circulation;
8.slowing the aging process of cells.
10.It has no side effects when used correctly.

YK-11 Powder Dosage:
So how much should you be taking every day? If you are looking to experience all of these great benefits then you need to make sure that you take 5mg a day. If you have taken SARMS before or if you are experienced with them then you may be able to take 10mg a day so you can benefit even more so this is something you need to keep in mind when you are taking them and planning your doses.

How Dose YK-11 works:
Kanno did a study on YK11 and it showed that the compound belongs to the modulators of androgen. YK11 attaches itself to the androgen receptor and it leads to all of the traditional effects of androgens such as hair growth.

The problem is that it leads to enhanced aggression but this is easily controlled and if you don’t take too much then you won’t experience any problems at all. All in all, YK11 strengthens your muscles in the same way as testosterone and the only difference is that it doesn’t come with all of the additional side effects either.

YK-11 Powder Side-Effects:
I have found no side effects at all for YK11 (other than the increase in FKBP51, which you also find in most AAS), but it is still a very new SARM so only time will tell. There is also no suggested dosing by the medical community, again due to it being so new.

As far as I can tell, it has yet to be used on a live creature by the medical community – it has only been used on cell cultures. At least they were human cell cultures. Welcome to the bleeding edge here folks!

Myostatin encourages muscle atrophy, follistatin encourages muscle creation (more or less correct for both) and they both compete for the same receptors. EDIT: Side effects have started to be reported – a weakening of the tendons.

YK11 also does not appear to cause the creation of Estrogen – it appears to do the same thing as Tamoxifen (though through a completely different method) but to a far lesser degree. YK11 cannot be used as a SERM replacement so please do not try.

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    First things first, you should set a set target date because you are going to completely quit, like several weeks from now. However, it is important to get the doctor’s opinion first prior to taking these oral medications because they might have pessimistic effects for the body.

    • Yes, your suggestion is very good.
      Week 1-12: YK-11 10mg per day split into 2 doses per day…. 5mg in the AM and 5mg in the PM

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