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99% Purity Andarine/S-4 Powder For Sale :
Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
CAS: 401900-40-1
Formula: C19H18F3N3O6
Mol. mass: 441.357 g/mol
Half life: 2.6 hours.
Melting Point: 70-74 °C
Storage: Room temperature
Appearance: Pale yellow fine powder, odorless, acrid bitter taste.
Solubility: Soluble in DMSO (85 mg/mL), Water (< 1.2 mg/mL), and Ethanol (85 mg/mL), it is also soluable in Propylene Glycol and PEG400.

S4 Andarine Powder Description:
Andarine (s4) is an extremely strong and effective SARM. It is often viewed as the strongest SARM in its class and has been compared to winstrol in terms of positive effects it can provide. Andarine is very powerful and effective, and if one can sustain a 12 week cycle, the results are astounding.

The Benefits of S4 over Steroids
1.Very minimal growth on secondary sexual organs such as the prostate.
2.The LDL/ HDL ratio is not affected which makes it a low cardiovascular risk.
3.0% chance of aromatization, male breast lactation, or rise in any other female characteristic during the post cycle recovery.
4.Testosterone is not diminished in any capacity during the post cycle recovery.
5.Very exclusive in tissue selection and growth which means it will not cause heart enlargement or damage to neighboring organs.
6.SARMs do NOT require the utilization or devouring of liver enzymes to activate their anabolic effects. This eliminates any risk of hepatotoxicity or hepatitis.
7.Although SARMs such as S-4 are not as powerful as comparable steroids such as Winstrol, they do not require the extensive post cycle therapy and can be cycled back to back throughout the year. Over the course of a year, obtaining the same results is very possible.
8.SARMs is very female friendly and does not cause excessive masculine features such enlarged sexual characteristics.
9.S-4 has overall presented larger increases in muscle mass than DHT.

S4 Andarine Powder Dosage:
An effective dose to get the very best SARMS results from S4 starts at around 50mg, for cutting, recomping and strength. This is typically taken in a divided dose because of the short half life (see below).

Some users may opt to increase the S4 dosage to 75mg for maximum benefit.

S4 Andarine Powder Half life:
The half life of andarine is just between 4-6 hours, making it a short-acting drug. For this reason, many users opt to split the dose.

How Dose S4 Andarine works:
A SARM such as S-4 is a good example. S-4 attaches to the AR and sticks to it; each time the AR interacts with testosterone, S-4 forces it to produce genes that exclusively benefit muscle and bone growth. In other words, S4 is a form of SARM that attaches to the androgen receptor (AR) the same with regular androgens, the only variation is that S4 generates selective anabolic activity.

S4 Andarine Powder Side-Effects:
The most commonly reported side effect of S4 is yellow-tinged vision, and also a reduction in quality of night vision. The dose at which this occurs varies widely from individual, and is more consistently seen in high dosing schemes (75mg/ED++). Symptoms disappear when the compound is discontinued.


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