Six Steroids: determine if you lose weight

Steroids can affect your appetite, metabolism, weight… But don’t worry, as long as you learn to control, it can also help you to lose weight!

Steroid, in regulating mood, affect appetite, control metabolism and other aspects play a positive role, can make human body achieve healthy state. But it also has a negative impact. Imbalance of Steroid secretion can destroy the balance of the body. In other words, its main task is to communicate information to an organ, what to do, what not to do. For example, it sends a signal to the brain —

It’s time to go to bed. Or tell your stomach that you need to eat…

1. Insulin stimulates the appetite

The two main factors that affect appetite are insulin secreted by the pancreas and glucagon. They’re both Steroids.

When you eat, the pancreas secretes insulin, which helps nutrients quickly get inside the cell and turn it into energy for physical consumption. If you fast for a long time, or after exercise, the pancreas secretes glucagon. At this point, people are hungry and even better than usual.

Eating irregular or eating too much sugar increases blood sugar levels and increases insulin levels. And more insulin stimulates you to eat more sugar. It’s like a vicious cycle: eating sugar — more insulin — craving more sugar. The result can be thought of: an enlarged waistline.

Countermeasures: after work or exercise, the energy should be replenished. In particular, lunch and dinner must be eaten on time. Of course, there is a lot to eat. Nutrition, not too much sugar. Vegetables, fruits, grains… These low-calorie foods are good choices.

2.Insulin — the older you get, the more likely you are to get fat

Eating too much too often leads to a vicious cycle: the pancreas needs to produce more insulin to process the food. At the same time, because large fat blocks are not easy to break down and weight gain, the body needs to release more Steroids to help with digestion and absorption. Worse, too much insulin can lead to diabetes. In recent years, the number of children with diabetes has increased, mostly due to overnutrition and unrestrained diet.

As you get older, your insulin will weaken. Scientists believe this is also why women tend to be fat when they are older.

Countermeasure: if you don’t want to get fat as you get older, you need to carefully balance the relationship between diet and exercise. It is difficult to achieve weight loss only by eating low-calorie food. Only by combining exercise with diet can the negative effects of Steroids on the body be reduced.

3.Cortisol — a gluttony of stress

When stress is high, the adrenal glands secrete a Steroid called cortisol, which ensures that people have enough energy. Without the help of cortisol, it’s hard to keep a tight job under great pressure. Unfortunately, cortisol also stimulates cravings, especially sugar and fat. In fact, scientists have found that women with high stress levels have higher levels of cortisol, which they eat more and eat more than the average person.

Even if you’re stressed and busy, the calories you eat won’t burn out. Over time, the flat abdomen is becoming larger and larger, gradually rising, the waist appears “swimming circle”.

Strategy: exercise every day. It not only regulates Steroid secretion, but also reduces the stress caused by work and life. To stay positive and healthy, scientists say, you should exercise at least five times a week and not less than 30 minutes each time. Walk slowly, yoga… Both are effective ways to relieve stress.

4.Estrogen – the Steroid that prompts a physiological period to increase your diet

At the end of the menstrual cycle, women are unconsciously interested in snacks such as sugar and chocolate. The weight has crept up over the last few days. In fact, these changes are not easy to find, or you don’t realize you’re eating a lot. Because it’s not the brain that tells you to eat, it’s the Steroids. It can affect your appetite and make you subconsciously eat.

Countermeasures: during this period, the weight gained by estrogen is actually stored in the body. Generally speaking, after the physiological period, the body is restored to its original state of work, the accumulated water is excreted, and the weight will return to normal. Therefore, it makes no sense to limit your diet at this time. Weight loss, also do not have to avoid the physiology period intentionally, whenever method is correct, must receive the expected effect.

5.Female Steroids — create a full body of women

As a sex Steroid, estrogen can help women prepare for childbirth. Even if you don’t plan to have a baby, the estrogen will affect your body shape after the physical maturity, making your chest, abdomen, buttocks and other parts gradually plump. The fat stored in these areas not only protects the fetus, but also maintains normal physiological cycles.

This characteristic of women is determined by genetics and sex. So it’s almost impossible to try to completely change the body curve. Excessive exercise, or not eating fat at all, will not only cause the symptoms of sexual apathy and infertility, but also cause the occurrence of diseases such as osteoporosis.

Countermeasure: if your body mass index (BMI) exceeds 25, the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer is high and should be properly lost. However, as long as the health is good, do not seek to be slender. Too thin for the bones.

* BMI calculation formula: weight (kg) height (m) squared

6. Ghrelin – a hunger for an envoy

A new study has found that even on a diet, there’s no reason to lose weight, partly because of the role of consciousness. It is also linked to a Steroid called Ghrelin. This Steroid, produced by the stomach, increases appetite. The amount of ghrelin in your body increases during your diet. Those who took a diet and lost weight were 24 percent more likely to have a hunger in the body than a normal person. At this time their appetite also more exuberant, unknowingly easy to eat more. This is the main reason that dieting is not easy to succeed.

The answer: while ghrelin can damage weight loss, not all dieters face the problem. If you can maintain a positive attitude, the weight loss process will be easier and more thorough. Weight loss experts encourage everyone to keep exercising, not overeating, and maintain a positive attitude, you will definitely get a healthy body!

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