LiYuan pharmaceutical has passed the law enforcement inspection

On the morning of June 20, the LiYuan pharmaceutical company accepted the “safe production of 100 days” inspection of “safe production” in jinan. Daily production, keyuan pharmaceutical all units and departments in accordance with safety laws, regulations and management system, according to the materials of safety management regulations, work safety in production management in place, training workers’ safety production operation skills training for many times, the final inspection passed.

Inspection team in shanghe, accompanied by safety bureau, was divided into two groups, a group of safe production of the company related information security checks, another set of production site management safety checks to the company. Dataset refer to the daily management of safety facilities, rules and regulations, special operations, labor protection supplies, safe operating procedures, occupational health management, safety management organizational structure, principal and special operations personnel certified and total three-level safety training and so on more than ten data, including key check safety training, labor protection articles, and occupational health management, etc. The inspection group inspected the daily maintenance of production equipment of the two factories, three factories and warehouses, the use of labor protection supplies and the daily management of the tank areas. In the key positions of the risk chlorine gas house, the law enforcement inspection team also put forward the requirements of the staff on-site demonstration of the use of the positive pressure air breathing apparatus and the daily safety training of the company.

The examination is not only on the LiYuan pharmaceutical test of daily production safety work, is also the safety of the production safety management knowledge training, improve the relevant personnel know the laws, regulations, standards, realize the security requirements in today’s production safety situation.

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